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By Amanda Roraback
ISBN: 0-9702908-7-X

List Price:  $7.95

Published:  April 2008

Edition: 4th

Size: 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches
Pages: 64

Quality Paperback
Table of contents

Afghanistan in a Nutshell is the first in a series of booklets offering simple and comprehensive outlines of worldwide events and people.  In the same spirit as Cliffs Notes© (no affiliation) the 64-page booklet and all other Nutshell Notes books open with a list of People and Policies, the situation “in a nutshell,” and pertinent background information. Afghanistan in a Nutshell includes chapters on the Taliban, Islam, Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan’s foreign relations (with Pakistan, Iran and the United States) and answers some of the basic questions about terrorism, opium, Afghan women, oil, art and al-Qaeda.



Middle East Terms

Mid-East Geography


2003 Afghanistan Constitution

Bonn Agreement