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By Amanda Roraback

ISBN: 0-9702908-6-1

List Price:  $7.95

Published:  January, 2008

Edition: 4th

Size: 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches
Pages: 64

Quality Paperback
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How did Saddam Hussein become so powerful in Iraq?  When did the Sunni Muslims begin to control the government and why was that significant?  Why did the US go to war and why was war considered a bad idea?  Who are the Shi’ites and why do they matter?  Who are the Kurds and why do they matter?  How important is Iraqi oil?


You can quickly find answers to these questions and others in Enisen Publishing’s easy-to-read booklet entitled Iraq in a Nutshell.


Iraq in a Nutshell is the fourth book in a series of “Nutshell Notes” offering thorough examinations of social, political and economic situations in the most volatile countries in the news today.  In the same style as its predecessors, Afghanistan in Nutshell, (a best-seller), Pakistan in a Nutshell and Islam in a Nutshell, the latest book opens with a list of terms, continues by explaining the background leading to the current situation and concludes with short chapters outlining the most pressing issues.


Sections headings include:  “From the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ to the Gulf War:  Iraq’s History in a Nutshell”  -  “Saddam’s Rise to Power”  -  “The Baath Party”  -  “Iraq’s Foreign Relations”  -  “Kurds”  -  “Shi’ites”  -  “Weapons of Mass Destruction”   - “The Road to War:   UN Resolutions,”  and “War:  For and Against.” 




1) Iraq Study Group Report


2) Tribes


3) Green Zone


4) Iraq's Politics


5) Blackwater, USA


6) Surge 2007






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