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Islam in a Nutshell


In the 6th century a prophet was born in the Arabian city of Mecca.  Through the revelations he received from God (Allah) and his example, he influenced a nation of people united by their devoted submission ("Islam") to the will of God and to the observance of the Five Sacred Pillars of their faith. 

Today more than a billion Muslims from the Ivory Coast to the islands of Indonesia pray daily in the direction of Mecca, observe Ramadan and make the required pilgrimage to the Ka'aba while the religion continues to conjure up images of death and terror in the West.    



In this presentation Amanda Roraback dispels misconceptions about Islam by identifying the  central tenets of the religion, explaining the development of the Islam and by examining significant passages in its  holy book, the Qur'an.


  • Terrorism and "Jihad:"  Does Islam promote terror?
  • Women in Islam: The politics of the veil.
  • Islam and the Bible: Muhammed and the Jews (why Muslims originally prayed toward Jerusalem).
  • Was Abraham a "Muslim"?
  • The Five Sacred Pillars
  • Heaven and Hell:  Martyrdom and black-eyed virgins.
  • What the Muslims Want the World to Know.
  • Shi'as and Sunnis



Other Topics: