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By Amanda Roraback
ISBN: 0-9702908-8-8
List Price:  $7.95
Published:  2007
Edition: 3rd
Size: 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 "
Pages: 64
Quality Paperback
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In the 6th century, a prophet, Muhammad, was born in the Arabian city of Mecca.  Today, more than a billion people from the Ivory Coast to Indonesia continue to read and practice the lessons revealed to Muhammad by Allah (God) fourteen hundred years ago, yet the religion is still misunderstood by many people in the West.

Islam in a Nutshell, offers readers a 60-page overview of the fundamentals of the religion in simple, short chapters beginning with the life of Muhammad and continuing with the contemporary politics of the veil.

Also included: the “true” definition of the word jihad; descriptions of Heaven and Hell as laid out in Islam’s holy books; women and Islam; the causes of the Shi’a/Sunni split; the spread of Islam from the 7th century until the Safavids declared Persia (Iran) a Shi’ite state in the 16th century and Islamic militancy.  


1) Sects and Offshoots
Including sections on: Wahhabis, Bahai, Nation of Islam, Druze

2) Roots of Militancy
Including sections on: Muslim Brotherhood, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, Hamas

3) Islam and Terrorism

4) Islamic jurisprudence

5) Dietary Laws









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