West Bank Roadblocks

In December 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed to remove dozens of military roadblocks and ease security screening of Palestinian pedestrians and vehicles at 16 main checkpoints throughout the West Bank in order to bolster the standing of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

  • The travel restrictions were first imposed after the Palestinian uprising in late 2000.
  • There are currently more than 400 permanent barriers in the West Bank.
  • The roadblocks in some areas can turn a 24-mile journey (Nablus to Ramallah) from a 30-minute ride into a 4-hour journey.

Israeli Perspective

  • Israelis say that the roadblocks have prevented dozens of attacks on Jewish targets in the West Bank settlements and Israel by disrupting the movement of potential suicide bombers.

Palestinian Perspective

  • Palestinians charge that the travel restrictions are collective punishment for the crimes of a few.
  • They say the roadblocks have contributed to the West Bank's economic troubles
  • And that they have fueled fears that Israel is carving up the area to prevent them from gaining independence.



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