Nutshell Notes: 
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Author: Amanda Roraback
Retail Price:  $9.95

Pub. Date: July 2006 (2nd Edition)
Distribution: Midpoint Trade Books, Quality
ISBN:  0970290845


“Hamas and Abbas: Groping for a Truce”

“Israel to Continue Gaza Raids”

“Likud may sue Kadima”

“Hamas Bows to Pressure to Recognize Israel”


You say if only there were Cliffs Notes to understand world history or the Middle East, you’d read it.  Well now there is a “flip-book” that makes all clear.


The public is daily barraged with media stories like these about a crisis in the Middle East that is as complicated as it is controversial.  For the uninformed, the reports pop up like the last episode in a 4000-year old soap opera featuring unfamiliar characters and confusing plot lines. Others have been taught only one side of the story and maintain unfairly biased perspectives. 


In order to remedy both of these problems, Amanda Roraback has produced the first “flip-book” on the Middle East crisis dealing equally with two perspectives on the Israel-Palestine question in a single volume titled “Israel-Palestine in a Nutshell.”  Her language is simple and the presentation is easy to read with short chapters, maps and lists of terms. 


Peruse “Israel in a Nutshell” to learn about anti-Semitism, Zionism, the 1948 “War of Independence,” and the history of the peace process. Flip the book over to read about Islam, the Ottoman Empire, the 1948 “Catastrophe (al-Nakbah)” and Palestinian refugees. Together they illustrate how deeply passions lie on both sides of the “barrier.”   






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