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By: Amanda Roraback

ISBN: 0-9702908-4-5

List Price:  $9.95

Size: 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches
Pages: 120
Published:  August 2006
Quality Paperback
Eight Maps

Table of Contents (Israel)
Table of Contents (Palestine)

Israel Palestine in a Nutshell is the first "flip-book" dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian crisis in two equal and unbiased segments. 

Israel in a Nutshell begins with a study of Israel's ancient biblical history and follows the Jews from their expulsion from Israel (the Diaspora) through centuries of anti-Semitism and finally the return of Zionist Jews to their homeland in the 19th century.

Israel in a Nutshell goes on to describe the new state of Israel's struggle to maintain and expand its territory and protect its citizens from  from belligerent Palestinians living within Israel’s borders. Israel in a Nutshell concludes by navigating readers through the series of peace treaties beginning in Camp David and ending with the latest 2003 Geneva proposal.

Palestine in a Nutshell begins in the same historical period as its Israeli counterpart but concentrates on the rise of Islam and the Ottoman period.  Following Al-Nakbah (the “catastrophe) of 1948, Palestine in a Nutshell focuses on the plight of the Palestinian refugees, the rise of the PLO and the development of militant organizations, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.  Palestine in a Nutshell then concludes by exploring the Palestinian perspective on controversial issues including refugees, Jerusalem (Al-Quds), “freedom fighters” and settlements.

New chapters 2006

1) Hamas charter

2) Kadima Party and Ehud Olmert

3) Palestinian government

4) Qassam Rockets

5) Gaza Pull-out

6) Mahmoud Abbas