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"That was pure pleasure listening to your talk last night, "Israel/Palestine in a Nutshell," for the History Club and Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society. [The talk] was a polished, informative, and engaging performance that appropriately drew lost of ensuing questions/answers from the more than 35 people in the audience.  Ambitious and fearless, too, just like the five books to date.  A very successful event!"

Charles W. Macune, Jr.
Chair, Department of History
California State University of Northridge

Thank you so much for a great talk on Saturday.  You always help the teachers become excited and better informed on the wider view of L.A.'s history and groups.  Look forward to next year and having another workshop!

Dave Landers
Teaching American History Grant
Baldwin Park Unified School District

Ms. Roraback's presentation to University High School was unusually clear, succinct, and balanced, especially for such a complex topic.  Her Powerpoint presentation and engaging style not only maintained student interest, but it generated many probing questions.  She taught my students more in an hour than I might have been able to teach them in a week!

Mark Rhomberg
Social Studies Teacher
University High School

Amanda's timely presentations go beyond a mere analysis of the current situation and like her Nutshell Notes, she identifies the information that is most pertinent and relates to the current situation.

Paul Kouri
Social Studies Teacher
Foshay Learning Center


Thank you so much for talking with those of us involved with the "Art for All" program at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) about Islam.  Your talk was so information and your books are terrific. We all benefited a great deal.

Mary Martz
Art for All
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Our 3/4/04 luncheon featured Amanda Roraback, an extremely talented author and public speaker.  She gave us a comprehensive overview of the history and chronological events leading up to the current crisis in Israel and Palestine.  The subject was quite stimulating and we had a lot of questions.  We didn't want the luncheon to end.  We look forward to having Amanda back at some future date.

Kingsley Fife
The Lions Tale
Santa Monica Lions Club Newsletter

Bill Stephenson had Amanda Roraback discuss her latest book, “Israel/Palestine in a Nutshell.”  Ms. Roraback, an author of several books on the middle-east, described  the thousands of years of history of this specific region   -  all in 1/2 hour. Her commendable documentation of the background and future prospects for peace were excerpted from her latest book published just this last month.

Rotary Club of West LA/Brentwood

Your presentation on September 11 before the Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life was as inspirational as it was deeply moving. Through hearing of your personal and professional life path and what is happening in terms of your quest to "Foster Understanding in the Face of Conflict" all of us gathered here reaped many lessons about working toward the goal of peace positively and productively.  Thank you with all my heart.

Particularly impressive was the way in which you handled every question and comment with grace and consideration but never harshly "beating the drum."  I believe you could handle any crowd and look forward to following you as you continue to pursue your enlightened path.

The way you share your insights both in person and through your find books make it obvious that to you nothing less than perfection is acceptable.  We remain fortunate to have shared your vision.

With so much appreciation and admiration.

Carol Soucek King, M.F.A., PhD.
Founder, The Institute of Philosophy and the Arts


Lots of objective information fairly presented.

Sherry Ray

Great job.

Brenda Lantiani, Lion's Club

Extremely Informative

Marva Murphy, Lion's Club





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