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Enisen Publishing

Enisen Publishing was developed in September, 2001 with the introduction of the first book in its "World in a Nutshell" series, "Afghanistan in a Nutshell." 

Within a few weeks of publication, the book was placed on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list and was featured on Channel 5 morning news. 

A month later, "Afghanistan in a Nutshell" was assigned by teachers and political science professors in various universities and high schools and placed on a number of "must-read" lists for people and institutions seeking background information explaining the American "war on terrorism."

In April 2002, Enisen Publishing added "Pakistan in a Nutshell" and "Islam in a Nutshell" to the series as well as a second, updated version of "Afghanistan in a Nutshell."

Keeping apace with international attention, Enisen introduced its fourth booklet, "Iraq in a Nutshell" in the first week of America's  war with Iraq.  The book generated an article in the Los Angeles Times and a news story on Fox 11 News on April 26, 2003.

In 2004, Enisen Publishing added the most ambitious title to its catalogue: "Israel/Palestine in a Nutshell."  In order to represent the most controversial international crisis in a fair manner, the book was designed as a "flip-book" with one side expressing the Palestinian perspective and the other dealing with issues from an Israeli point of view.

All the other titles were updated the same year. 

In 2006, Israel-Palestine in a Nutshell was updated to reflect the rise of Hamas, the creation of the Kadima party and Israel's pull-out from the Gaza Strip.

Also introduced in 2006 was "Iran in a Nutshell" arriving just in time to explain Iran's relationship with Hezbollah, the Islamic Republic's nuclear program and other issues.

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