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1) Iran in a Nutshell
      - Brief
      - Historian Searches for Heart of Iran
      - Citizens Sour on Ahmadinejad

2) Nutshell Notes

3) Israel-Palestine in a Nutshell 

4) Iraq in a Nutshell

5) Islam in a Nutshell

6) Pakistan in a Nutshell

7) Afghanistan in a Nutshell


1) Minneapolis Star Tribune (article)

2) Voice of America (audio)

3) Los Angeles Times (article)

3) C-Span (video)

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1) Time Magazine (not yet published)


1) Nutshell Notes Books

2) Amanda Roraback


1) Sample Questions
       - Israel-Palestine

2) Questions and Answers


1) Amanda Roraback Head Shot
(Highest Resolution - Color)